Physical Therapy

Do you have aches or pain? Are you recovering from an injury? Have you had a surgery? Do you have a sports injury? Do you want to prevent an injury? Are you ready to start a healthier lifestyle? Then physical therapy at Advanced Rehabilitation and Health Specialists is the place for you! Click here to learn more. 

Running/Biking analysis

We offer a 45 minute running and/or biking assessment and video analysis for anyone interested in improving their running or biking form, run/bike pain free, or improve their time. Dr. Edie Benner PT, PhD, OCS has been evaluating and analyzing runners for 30 years!

45 minute session for $75 includes running/biking screening, running/biking video analysis, one on one tips and a workout plan to improve running/biking form and routine.

Call today to schedule your analysis!

Lifestyle coaching

Are you ready to make lifelong lifestyle changes with a Lifestyle Coach? We all struggle at times with making lifestyle changes that can keep us from being healthy and active throughout our life.

Learn how lifestyle coaching can help here

Diabetic Education

If you have pre-diabetes or other risk factors for type 2 diabetes, now is the time to take charge of your health and make a change. Advanced Wellness can help! Click here to learn how.