Advanced Rehabilitation and Health Specialists
Advanced Rehabilitation and Health Specialists


The Advanced Rehab Team are considerate and knowledge professionals with Edie Benner as the dedicated miracle worker at the helm. Many years ago I went to see her for a nagging pain in my back which was causing me to feel very tight and stiff. After a few visits, Edie sent me home with some simple exercises and instructions to continue them. I truly thank God for this wise advice. I set aside a few minutes to do them each morning. As a result, my back pain is gone, my energy level has increased, and my flexibility is restored. Thank you ARHS team - I'm a forever fan!

-J.O. age 64

I set a goal for myself back in January 2016. First to not take medication for high cholesterol, second to eliminate one of my blood pressure medications. I wanted to accomplish this by April 2016. I am thrilled to say I was able to do both by being committed to the morning exercise team. Who knew I would have fun along the way. I want to thank the instructor, without her I wouldn't have been able to do it.

-J.H. age 63

I have really enjoyed the companionship and the chance to work on balance, stretching, and weight machines. If it weren’t for this class my wife would not exercise at all.


-I have had services form Advanced Rehab for many years. Their staff have always gotten to the root of my problems. They are very helpful, caring, and professional.

-SG age 53

-I’ve been coming to Silver Sneakers class for 2 or 3 years and find it makes it easier to keep up a fitness routine. At almost 74 I feel better than I did at 70.


-I have been coming to Silver Sneakers for about 6 years. I like the exercise and the machines; it helps to keep your body in shape and healing.


-Silver Sneakers is good exercise and good company.

-CC age 77

In September 2014 I had a stroke. However it took the doctors a whole year to identify the problem. By then I had been sitting in a chair every day doing nothing. September 2015 the only thing they could tell me was to lose weight, I had to fix myself. I came down to Advanced Rehab to try to get myself moving. I just shuffled my feet and I couldn’t lift my arms to comb my hair. Thanks to the Silver Sneakers class I can go up and down the stairs, pick my feet up, and walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes and my arms hardly hurt at all. I lost 50 pounds in 5 months and 40 inches all over my body. Thank you Advanced Rehab and your instructors who became wonderful coaches and friends!

-GS age 72
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