Advanced Rehabilitation and Health Specialists
Advanced Rehabilitation and Health Specialists

Corporate Wellness

Advanced Wellness

Juli Robine, MPH, PTA, Lifestyle Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant

"Coaching Individuals to Become Proactive in Their Approach to Health & Wellness!"

Advanced Wellness will CUSTOM design a health & wellness program to fit the culture of YOUR organization with a focus on the "Total Worker Health" concept!

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Did you get injured on the job?

We can help you get in shape to get back to work.

Are you a case manager or rehab counselor?

We can help you get your injured workers back to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations:
We do validated and quantifiable Functional Capacity Evaluations. We can get your injured workers back in shape to do their job with our very structured, goal-oriented, progressive work conditioning program. We know body mechanics. We can help simulate your injured workers job demands and teach them how to do their job safely, efficiently and with better technique.

Job Site Analysis:
We can go to the job site with the injured worker to meet with their employer, to analyze their job, and get them back to work.

COMMUNICATION is the key! We will work closely with you, the injured worker, the employer, or the case manager to help you achieve your goals. Call today to find out more!

Workers Compensation

Do you have a worker's compensation injury?
There is no need to suffer whether you are on the job or off work due to your injury. Our Advanced Rehabilitation team specializes in fast and quick management of your symptoms so you can return to work no matter what the job, from safety personnel to office and factory workers. Advanced Rehab can help your needs!
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